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My dissertation 20.5.2009. See Tiedote (Press) and electronic version provides updated links to various neuroscience/sleep literature, software and hardware. Also custom software and hardware experiments. Updated by Jussi Virkkala. Read Blog (not updated). Current links at twitter-f

Custom software
Ebm, sleep tools 
-Tools using Somnologica ebm or edf format
-Standalone sofware

-Custom analysis modules for Somnologica software

Device software
-Custom e.g Matlab routines for Alivetec

6 degrees of freedom motion and orientation data by ball-it. They have SDK but serial data was easy to hack. See files. Buy from

Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA)
-Perhaps most economy solution for recording EEG. Standard system contains headband. Hack for standard electrodes and raw input into PC. See related brainfingers, forum, with hid description.

Bluegain EOG
Two channel DC amplifier with bluetooth transmission. I have used for one eye movement demostration.

Single channel forehead EEG with bluetooth transmission. Protocol also provided by manufacturer.

Polar Bluetooth
Polar bluetooth transmitter hack with exe and code. Pair transmitter with PC and assign COM port. Read BPM and raw RRI. Get device from sports-tracker.

Another bluetooth device (rechargeable) with cadence sensor from Zephyr. Bluetooth protocol available from company. Buy also from Endomondo.

-Science Direct (Elsevier fulltext)
-Sleep journal
-PubMed (Fulltext)
-ResearchIndex (technical papers)
-AASM (medsleep, guidelines

-HCII 2011
-EMBC 2010
-The 14th Nordic Sleep Conference

-ESRS (European)
-Sleep Research Society
-NCSDR (information)
-SUS (Finnish)

-DVD+RW (double layer)

-Matlab EEG Toolbox
-Matlab qEEG (pdf)
-QEEG central and Stress management
-Applied Neurosciences
-Q-Metrx  (links)

-SPM2b/99 (Matlab package)
-Anatomist (Main sulci detection) 
-Turku PET

-PST (E-Prime)
-Persyst (Insight EEG

Hardware update
-Alivetec ecg, motion
-Electrical Geodesics, Inc
-Flaga Medcare (Somnologica, Embla, Embletta)
-Aplab screening
-Datalogger dataq mobile Pocket
-Applied Neurosciences
-NeuroSoft (NeuroScan, Lite) 
-Cambridge Neurotechnology

Finnish distributors