Sleep Tools - EbmHeader 2005.10.21

EbmHeader is Visual Basic 6 program to view and edit Embla  EBM file headers. Description of basic EBM (does not include some of Somnologica 3 fields) can be found from EbmDevKit 1.2 which can be requested from

2005-10-21 When multiple files are dropped list of information is created. New fields added.
2005-05-17 Installing into Neuroupdate\ path.
2004-11-10 Corrected event time, files in roots, added change of unit. ACTIVE in command line open active Somnologica path
2004-08-26 Writing fractioned, start date. Advanced header copy
2004-08-11 Support for event files and calibration field.
2004-02-10 Command line parameters
2004-02-08 Dialog for selecting file.
2004-02-08 Dialog for selecting file. Displaying session count, fractioned rate.
2003-10-21 Editing existing file

Use < to select EBM file, you can also drop file into list box. With doubleclicking list box folder is opened. . Always operate on backup of traces when changing. Without license saving is not allowed.

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