Sleep Tools - EdfHeader 2005.05.16

EdfHeader is Visual Basic 6 program to view and edit EDF file headers. Description of EDF can be found from

2005-05-16 Time difference button for easy change of start date/time. Program group Neuroupdate
2003-03-03 Renamed as EdfHeader
2004-02-08 Corrected saving header fields
2003-11-05 Use of * in label field
2003-10-29 License found with startup
2003-10-22 Saving, loading signal headers
2003-08-20 First release version

Use < to select EDF file, you can also drop file into list box. Always work with copy of the original file. With header files you can use * in label field to include originall label, e.g. C3 -> EEG-*-Ref.  Without license saving is not allowed.

Setup, Settings
Run setup with administration priviledges. Without license EdfHeader saving is not allowed. To get license codes for computer use About, Request button or send email with displayed computer id to

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