Embla Tools - RggEbm 2007.05.22

RggEbm is standalone program to convert Reggie CSV export into Embla (www.embla.com) ebm format. Created ebm files can be opened with Somnologica or other programs supporting ebm.

2005-05-22 First documentation

Always work with copy of data. Export all traces from Reggie into CSV. Copy the CSV into Somnologica patient folder. Program creates xSAO2, xPULSE, xPFLOW, xORO, xNFLOW, xMIC, xHYPO, xESO, xEPI, xBODY, xACT and derived xLESS8 indicating when ESO<-8.

Open Reggie CSV file. Type start date and time manually or use Videomarker in Somnologica to indicate start time of Reggie (e.g. event button). After Conversion you can use +/- button to shift Reggie trace start time to synchronize. When you Convert traces make certain that Somnologica workpad is not open. Fractioned rate can be estimated into text box or advanced users can use to Fractioned Rate button together with Somnologica.

Setup, Settings
Program uses NET framework which can be installed (if not already exists) using e.g Windows Update. Without license RggEbm works only for first 10 minutes of recording. To get license codes for computer use About and send email with displayed computer id to license@neuroupdate.com.

Advanced operation
You can copy shortcut of RggEbm.exe into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Medcare\Somnologica 3\Reports and then RggEbm can be started within Somnologica, Reports.

If you are exporting to EDF or using software not supporting fractioned sampling rates of ebm signals will drift in time.

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