Embla Tools - TCM4Ebm 2008.06.05

TCM4Ebm is standalone program to save TCM4 (from Radiometer) CO2, O2, Power, Temperature data online as Embla ebm files. It can be used either together with Somnologica 3/4/5 (www.medcare.com) or without. With Somnologica 3/4/5 recording start and folder are detected automatically. Created ebm files can be opened with Somnologica or with other programs supporting ebm.


2008-06-05 License for Tampere, AKU. Pdf help.
2005-05-19 Handling newer TCM4Ebm. Output must be in standard mode.
2005-03-22 Added calibrate field to enable easy unit conversion.
2004-08-12 Not exiting with com problems.Conversion to 0.1333223 kPa/mmHg 
2004-05-27 Exit if com port cannot be opened. Handling reopening.
2004-05-19 Renamed as TCM4Ebm,
2004-04-16 Writing size of data, fixed string length
2004-04-15 Selection of COM port, prefix. Use either mHg or Pa. Displaying name
2004-04-14 First version


Connect TCM4 by RS232 cable to computer. Enable serial output of TCM4. You can start either Somnologica or TCM4Ebm first. When recording starts TCM4Ebm starts creating ebm traces into patient folder. If TCM4Ebm displays "x:x recording..." files are generated. When closing TCM4Ebm or Somnologica workpad temporary .ebm.x files are copied as .ebm. After refreshing data or restarting Somnologica you can add CO2, O2, Power, Temperature as regular 1 Hz traces.  

Setup, Settings
Run setup with administration priviledges. Without license TCM4Ebm works only for first 10 minutes of recording. To get license codes for computer use About, Request button or send email with displayed computer id to license@neuroupdate.com. Select correct COM port and postfix 1 which is used in filenames e.g TCM4-1 CO2_X.ebm and in signal types e.g. CO2.Transcutaneous-1.

Advanced operation
You can copy shortcut of TCM4Ebm.exe into e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Medcare\Somnologica 3\Reports and then TCM4Ebm can be started within Somnologica, Reports. You can also connect multiple TCM4 by creating copies for TCM4Ebm. Every .exe with different name has own settings. Use different postfix for different TCM4.

If you want to resume recording you should not delete .ebm.x files. If Somnologica have been restarted before resuming you may have to manually copy .ebm.x files as .ebm. If you are exporting to EDF or using software not supporting fractioned sampling rates of ebm other signals may drift in time in relation to digital TCM4 .

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