Sleep update,  Plugins - - 2005
Sleep Projects update

Sleep analysis update:

Sleep glossary:

Literature update:
-Sleep Research Online

Oximeter update:
-Dolphin (DD3000)
-Profox (software)

-Somnologica is sleep analysis software from Medcare (previously Flaga).  It can be used to analyze recording from Embla and Embletta systems.
-Custom Somnologica xPlugins for Somnologica 3.2:

-All custom plugins start with x so they can be easily identified in Somnologica menus and in Help, About, Plugins and in \Program Files\Somnologica 3\Plugins. 
-Many xPlugins create new traces and they end with _X.ebm. 

-Extract dll, mht files into Somnologica installation path



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